Airline Strikes at European Airports

Stay informed about potential airline strikes in August in European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. Check specific dates and locations before finalizing travel plans. If your flight is affected, contact your airline for alternatives and consider purchasing travel insurance that covers strikes

Ryanair launches Twilight bag-drop at Manchester Airport 

SWISS introduce Wi-Fi on Long Haul Flights

In exciting news for air travellers, SWISS has recently announced the addition of free Wi-Fi chat services on their long-haul flights. This innovative feature is set to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers, allowing them to stay connected and communicate with their loved ones or colleagues while in the air.

Foreign Office urges caution for visitors to South Africa

How airlines are helping people flee Maui wildfires

Italy caps airline travel costs to its islands

Business Travel Recovery stalls as companies seek to cut costs and emissions

Introverts recommend the best for solo travel


Crew Travel Newsletter - August 14, 2023

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